World's best collections of contemporary weaving and
custom creations.
  • The Company
Creation Exports Nepal, is a renowned family owned business house
involving in manufacturing and exports of Hand made Nepalese
-Tibetan carpets to it's global clients since past nineteen years. We
are a leaders in creating custom sizes,patterns and colors in a
consistent and timely manner.
Ramesh Adhikari
With years of experience, we achieved   a status of re-creating
century old designs to match with modern days home decoration. We
are dedicated in creating  new designs & colors to keep up with new
changing trends on hand made floor covering throughout the world,
we really appreciate our importers and designers feedback  to keep
us updated for the market trends in this regard. A never ending
search by us to create uniqueness, though always inspired by rich
carpet tradition. We constantly scrutinise the market and respond to
the changing needs of the customers.
  • Raw Materials/production
We  guarantee you on production and origin by using natural fiber -
high Himalayan virgin wool  and finest New Zealand Wool , lustrous
silk   & high    quality cotton, hemp. We maintain our production
set-up to meet the targeted production capacity of 5000 m2 a month
on different quality from the very experienced artisans who constantly  
weave the most magnificent traditional, transitional, contemporary
and authentic   custom   designs with their unique weaving structure.   
Our   15  years experienced  personnel are on site to supervise each
stage of production.
Dinesh Adhikari
Creation Exports is offering you the guarantee to exclusively possess
a particularly custom order oriented product offer. This approach will
enable you to position yourself higher in the market. We believe that "
nothing can be more personal and lasting, than conceiving and fitting
a custom designed carpets  to your own individual needs". Come and
join us to tread into the imaginary,
"Custom Order production " is our speciality, top quality is our
standard, we will make, your imagination true.
  • Price/quality ratio
Guaranteed favourable price/qualtiy ratio, high added value. Price
guarantee for a determined period.
Contact us for details.
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