your best source for individual needs...
Nepal, we are ready  to make Custom made Carpets of
individual test & requirements from importers, interior
designer and all other clients who love our collections and
dreamed to decor their room with our products.

We will make your imagination true, carpet of your own
choice, shape, size, colors,designs, quality.....come on and
lets join hand with us....customized it on your choice of
quality with wool, wool and silk, hemp, jute....all the natural
fibers with any of style with regular cut pile, cut and loop pile,
high and low pile, mixing of different color to get textural look
and so on.
All of our carpets are hand-made by experienced artisans
who have their own century old weaving technique to make
magnificent contemporary and authentic designs.

Select from our own existing design/color, it can be modify
as per your requirement, or if you have your own
imaginations, bring it to us, we can make your dreams true.  
We can make any design suits to your interior decor. Select
colors from our collections or come with your swatches, we
are able to match almost any color as per your choice.

We can make any unusual shape for your custom order
carpets from size 3x5 feet to 25 x 40 feet. Regular rectangle,
square, round, oval, octagon, runners and any other shape.

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