Pricing for Custom Made Tibetan Rug:
We would like to offer our best manufacturing price to all our client throughout the world.
Please let us have your requirement so that we can offer the best pricing for you
including shipping to your door.

Strike off:
A free rendering will be provide to your order, if you want to see and feel your rug, we
can make strike off first on size 1' x 1' up to 2' x 2' with cost of $175 in advance which
include free delivery to your door. If your order is above $2000, you will get back $175
you paid for strike off, it will be refund to you on our final Invoice.

We used only the best natural fiber (raw materials) on all of our products- the most
valuable long length highland wool, (the most expensive and finest carpet wool available
which is durable, elastic and high in lanolin, making it extremely stain resistant), lustrous
silk, high quality cotton, hemp. All of these materials make your carpets, a unique beauty
and individuality. The colors are fast and the dense pile are the symbol of luxury.
Vegetable dyes used rug can be made as per your requirement.
As all the process from designing, wool carding, spinning, weaving, washing, stretching
done  absolutely by hand , it may takes any of your custom made carpets to complete 12
to 14 weeks of time, however it depends of design and the size you order. All the
custom order rugs will be delivered by UPS/Fedex/DHL to your door.
We accept payment by  Wire Transfer, Check, Paypal
A advance payment of 50% is required to begin production and the balance will be
charge when the carpets gets  ready for delivery. Your money will be guaranteed by our
partner company in US.
Production up-dated:
We will email you all the process that required to make your custom order ready.
Contact us here for your custom order request, send your ideas, hopes, imagination,
requirements and all any
other questions, we will get back to you immediately.
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