Sample Package:- few facts

Why you need this:
Our experience and tremendous order from
our client shows that until and unless you have the physical
sample that shows real rug in terms of design, colors and quality,
it is hard to convince your client and convert their required rug to
sales order. This real samples are a marketing tool that will help
you to explain the final products. As it is small and handy you can
provide it to your client to match it with their interior set up.

Who will use this: You as an wholesaler, designer's, retailers to
make sales with your customer. Hang it in a rack in your
showroom, studios, retail stores and easy to carry it for trade
shows, clients site for demonstration and matching their interior

Is it the right price to order it: Of course yes, you are getting it
on almost manufacturing price. No need to have further contract
like you need with others in your country, no account opening
fee, no obligation to work with other traders and three times
cheaper than what you pay for your Tibetan Rug source. Of
course you can't give order's that you get from your client to
other manufacturer here in Nepal. We believe in fair trade, so we
hope the same from you. Low investment with high return.

Is our design is secured: Yes, if you bring your design to us,
we will make rug exclusively for you only, no one can get that from
us. But if you buy our design, yes it can be found with others too.

Other discount: If you sign up for this sample package order,
you will be entitle to get 10% discount as our special client on all
future  orders.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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