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Collection:             Silk Road
SKU #                      463
Base Color:            Black/Ruby
Origin:                     Nepal
Woven:                   Hand Knotted
Knots:                     60Knots
Foundation:           Cotton
Type of Wool:        80% Himalayan Wool       
                               20% New Zeland wool

Production Sizes in feet:
5 x 8
6 x 9
8 x 10
Available on following size for
immediate delivery from Omaha,US
Black/Ruby     Green
5x8=        2pcs           1pcs   $600.00   
6x9=        3pcs           2pcs   $810.00
8x10=      2pcs           4pcs   $1200.00
9x12=      1pc                x     $1620.00
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